Rapid Life Changes
Rapid Life Changes
Change your emotions, change your life. Tap into better health, joy & abundance.

Christine Shreve 

 After leaving a 30 year Career, Christine was led into the field of Body Energy Intervention Work

(EFT (emotional freedom technique) also known as Meridian Tapping or just Tapping
Christine took her study of EFT from the Founder of EFT, Gary Craig's, Full DVD Course.
After 2 years of study and a year of Internship, Christine was Certified by AAMET (the association for the advancement of meridian energy techniques)    
Christine has continued her education by attending The Tapping Summits, with Master Meridian Tappers in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 as well as fulfilling AAMET's mentor requirrements, for continued on going education. Many of the Master Tapping Practitioners participating in the Summit, were original students of Gary Craig.
Christine has completed a Continuing Education for Treating Trauma Series 2011 and recieved her Certification for completing and passing the course for Treating Trauma, from NICABM (the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine)
Christine also studies Donna Eden's Energy Techniques from her book,  Energy Medicine
Christine is currently taking a Study Course in Spring Forrest Qigong from Chuni Lin. 
Christine has also taken many courses from Glenda Green (Author of Love Without End Jesus Speaks) for her Spiritual background and knowledge of Glenda's Essential Oils, which Christine uses daily.
Christine currently teaches Meridian Tapping and Energy Techniques through Community Education, Wellness Centers and Private Clients and has realized that Meridian Tapping can be taught, to so many at the same time, leading to self administered treatment.
Christine has experience with the body's Energy System, she has experience with intuitively investigating issues that need to be tapped out. 
Christine has recently finished her Book "I Saw Heaven in My Dog's Eyes - How I recovered from her loss & the gift she gave to me"  She shifted her pain and grief from the loss of her own dog using EFT, and now wants to be able to help others do the same.      
The book encompasses her Journey with EFT.
Through her growth using and studying Energy Techniques and the experiences she has had;  which led to the writing of her book, Christine has transformed her own life to one of success. She is now focused on helping others do the same.   

"For many years I was drawn to studying ways to have a healthy body. I had always thought it was exclusively about diet and exercise.  After much research, I discovered that diet and exercise are only part the equation in staying healthy and living a joyful successfull life. 
I learned that, we also have an Energy Body. Negative emotions can affect the body's energy system and cause blocks, that stop the flow to our health and well being.  It has become my undeniable belief, that the body can heal itself and bring happiness joy and success with the knowledge, of how to work with our energy system.   
I have chosen to serve others, by teaching Energy Intervention Methods and how Love is magnetism in transforming lives. Christine  

Christine is not affiliated with Gary Craig in any way other than to have taken his EFT Course   
Christine is not a medical doctor and only works in the field of balancing the body's energy system. Christine teaches the tapping points to use on the body's meridian points, to balance the body's energy system and release negativity.  If you have serious medical problems, you may want to seek the advice from your medical doctor, for diagnosis.  The information provided on this web site is for educational purposes only.  Results may vary, based on experience of the application of Meridian Tapping, by the user.