Rapid Life Changes
Rapid Life Changes
Change your emotions, change your life. Tap into better health, joy & abundance.

   EFT/Meridian Tapping (emotional freedom techniques) MTT/ (Meridian Tapping Techniques)

"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system" (quoted by founder of EFT Mr. Gary Craig) 

EFT/Meridian Tapping performs in a similar way as acupuncture, only with a psychological focus.
Instead of using needles, finger tips are used to "Tap" or stimulate the Meridian Points on the body.    

By using your finger tips to tap the Points on the body, a stimulation of the points occurs.  Tunning into your issue at the same time, releases negative emotions and blocked energy. This blocked energy, is believed to eventually cause diseases in the body. It can also block our success due to fear of moving forward.  
Our physical pains, diseases and feeling stuck, often appear to be connected with our unresolved negative emotions and traumas.  

  The tapping opens the Meridian Channels and allows a free flow of energy through out the body.  This brings the body into balance and removes the disruption from the energy system.
  Meridian Tapping/EFT has clearly proven itself, in showing that it can work at times, where nothing else does. 

 Depending on how deep seated traumas and cellular memories are, or what needs to be accomplish in moving energy, I offer packages, depending on individual need. These techniques can work fast, each person's needs vary on how much they want to clear, and the extent of work one wants to have done.    
I offer Seminars and workshops teaching this valuable technique, as well as to private Clients.

Meridian tapping is more than just tapping the Meridian Points on the body. A good Practitioner will:
investigate and uncover the issues being tapped on, uncover all aspects surrounding those issues to eliminate them.

Tapping may also be used for achieving higher performance in learning, focus and sports; as well as tapping in, for abundance issues.  To achieve goals as well as releasing traumas, anxiety, fear and phobias.  I use it on everything! It is a lifelong tool. 

Disclaimer: Christine is not associated with Mr. Gary Craig in any way, other than having taking his EFT Course.     
Christine is not a medical doctor and only works in the field of balancing the body's energy system. Christine teaches the tapping points to use on the body's meridian points, to balance the body's energy system and release negativity. If you have serious medical problems, you may want to seek the advice from your medical doctor, for diagnosis. 
The information on this web site is for educational purposes only. Results may vary, based on the experience of the application of Meridian Tapping, by the user.