Rapid Life Changes
Rapid Life Changes
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                                           I SAW HEAVEN IN MY DOG'S EYES

                         How I Recovered From Her Loss & The Gift She Gave To Me
A Memior of two decades of my life, intertwined with the life of my Dog. A Magical time in my life of magnetisim, growth and awareness. My Story was written with Love about our inspirational journey of adventures, the challenges with an aging Dog, healing my grief with EFT Meridian Tapping, a Miracle and the Wisdom I received for living an authentic life.

I later discovered that as my dog completed her purpose in bringing life's awarenesses to me, my realization of my own purpose now; is to share what I was given. 
My book is a journey of adventure, magnetism, love, loss, and living life authentically in each moment of Now.
I am Pleased to announce that the Paper Back and the Ebook versions of my book "I Saw Heaven In My Dog's Eyes" are now published on amazon.com and available.     

Many Blessings